A Dream Becomes A Reality

With the help of Mr. Clyde McMullen, the largest project in the history of The Texas Federation of Colored Women’s Club (now known as The Texas Association of Women’s Clubs Inc.) dream came true in 1959 when they purchased a 125 acre Christian Fellowship Camp in Johnson County.  

Mr. Clyde McMullen was an associate member of the Ethel Ransom Cultural Club of Fort Worth and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Texas Association of Women’s Clubs.  As an employee of the Ft. Worth National Bank, he was given the opportunity to invest $5,000 of the Etta Newby Foundation in a project which he deemed worthy.  Mr. Clyde invested the money in the project for youth that was in the making by the Texas Association of Women’s Clubs. 

In 1953, a camp was leased on the lake in Grapevine, Texas. During the state meeting that year in Amarillo, the Association voted to name the camp, “Camp McMullen” in recognition of the invaluable counsel and financial assistance of Mr. Clyde McMullen.  The Association had to search for another camp because permanent buildings could not be placed on government-controlled properties.  

In 1959, at the annual meeting in 1959,  the Association authorized the purchase of the 125 acre Christian Fellowship Camp, in Johnson County between Alvarado and Keene, (off Highway 67.)

On August 27, 1961, this long desired camp for youth was dedicated and is now known as known as Camp McMullen. 

Camp McMullen
was designed to:

•    Increase the level and awareness, education, motivational standards, and confidence in the effort to prepare youth for adult leadership and responsibility.

•    Help to facilitate and promote outdoor learning by increasing the awareness and appreciation for nature, conservation ethics and the environment through hands on application.

•    Serve other groups interested in retreats, outdoor life, and educational activities.  

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